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Consuegra represents the essence of landscape manchego, who from his small hill, looks around vast plains, where the cultivation of grapes, cereals and olive trees predominate.

Perhaps by geography as by the streams that existed in the area, the Romans settled in the hillside Calderico, building Roman villas, amphitheater, Roman circus, bridges and the longest Roman dam in the world.

Later, in the Middle Ages, again regains Consuegra boom, and the fourteenth century priory becomes head of the Military and Religious Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.

Its 11 windmills and castle are now the most representative image of our people, but encompasses many centuries of history and Quixotes who passed and pass through their land.

You can also meet other nearby cities like Toledo, Orgaz, Madridejos, Puerto Lápice, Urda, Alcazar de San Juan, El Toboso, Campo Criptana.


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